You can develop a node package locally and publish it to npm. But what if it’s a component that you’d like to test by importing into a local project? I’ll go through two methods for doing it.

  1. The easy answer (npm link).
  2. Troubleshooting the easy answer.
  3. Uninstalling the easy answer.

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Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a big year for Next.js. They released static site generation (SSG) support, added preview mode, and even made syntactically awesome style sheets (SASS) support baked-in. Adding to its capabilities, Next.js is now the most flexible front-end framework and is a breeze to code thanks to…

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Mental health has been a more visible topic over the years, with a new generation focusing on the merits of a stable support system in order to curb the rampant mental health issues that society is becoming more aware of. …

Software, whether it’s a word processing application, a to-do list on a website, a complicated business intelligence tool or video games, all share a lot in common. We have varied disciplines coming together: developers, designers, writers, and business analysts and more that need to function together in order to achieve…

Not long ago I built a gaming PC and love my gaming setup. It’s powerful and can run most modern games. I’m running an intel i7 7700k @4.2GHz with 8 cores, 32 gigs of ram, and an NVIDIA GTX 1070 video card. I have razer peripherals with a nice, clicky…

Picture of a sign with text “Right” and “Wrong” in opposing directions with arrows.

In 2018, Google removed the quote “don’t be evil” from their code of conduct which had been part of the code since 2000. Ethics is a moral philosophy that defines actions between good and evil. But where do software engineers fit in with ethics? …

My face with a bandage over my chin
Ouch. Post-longboarding accident.
Audio recording of this article

I am that person that is always unabashedly trying something new and more than frequently I’m exceedingly average at what I attempt. I’m not negging myself or trying to be humble. It’s just true.

In my home life, I’ve tried baking bread, playing in a…


The studio Frictional Games announced, for the game’s 10 year anniversary, Amnesia Dark Descent and Machine For Pigs has been made open source under the GPL3 license. This comes as a big surprise and delight to horror lovers and developers alike.

Open-sourcing this game will allow developers to enhance the…

Me awkwardly sitting at my well-used home office
Me awkwardly sitting in my well-used home office

Casual clothing, non-existent commute from the bedroom to the living room. I’ve been largely working from home for the past 6 years. Ive learned a lot about setting up my home office to be both affordable and functional. It might not be instagram ready, but it’s versatile and comfortable.


Every good story starts with a wild night, and this one is no different. My former coworkers and I get together frequently online for socials. We loved working together and still try to see each other as much as we can over glasses of wine and cold beer. …

Jordan Theriault

Web software developer, leader, speaker and writer. Lover of horror games, craft beer, and rock climbing.

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